The Society of Toxicology annual meeting is always the first conference on our schedule to attend and it is an event that Gentronix has exhibited at for over 15 consecutive years. It’s the biggest and most comprehensive meeting in our field, providing the platform for review, debate and reflection of approaches, policies, regulations, new technologies and ideas within the field of toxicology. Its always a fantastic meeting, with thousands of toxicologists gathered in a USA convention centre that provides great networking opportunities and the chance to catch-up with clients and former colleagues. Alongside the presentation of fantastic science sits the ToxExpo, the largest exhibition of companies involved in conducting and supporting toxicology research, all surrounded the scientific poster sessions., which are often the best part of SOT. This is always a fantastic platform for Gentronix to present its specialist toxicology expertise and services. Its where we launched new products such as BlueScreen HC, Flow Cytometric MNT and MultiFlow®️ services, and our introduction of GLP OECD 471 Ames and GLP OECD 487 MNT.

The events of 2020 led to the cancellation of the meeting, and SOT has worked hard in the following 12 months to provide a platform for exhibitors to get back to the meeting in 2021 and pick-up those opportunities again, this time through a virtual platform. For Gentronix, this presents a new challenge and has given us plenty to think about in terms of how to present our expertise when we can’t meet with delegates face to face. We have so much to talk about, from our expansion in service capacity for our in vitro genetic toxicology screening services such as 24-well Ames and 96-well MNT + FISH, to the addition of OECD 474 in vivo micronucleus test, through to our most recent expansion to skin corrosion, irritation, and sensitisation testing. To help promote these, we created a new overview video that summarise the breadth of services available at Gentronix and how as a specialist predictive toxicology CRO we are best placed to help our clients develop safer chemicals and medicines. Our booth will provide access to downloadable service flyers and links to further details on why Gentronix is one of the UK’s leading predictive toxicology CROs.

Whilst nothing is the same as SOT in person, either catching up with clients and making introductions to new ones in the exhibit hall or sharing ideas on how genetic and skin toxicology testing are evolving over a beer or 2 in the bars following the meeting; we hope the virtual platform will give us some opportunity to feel like we are still there. Here’s to a great virtual meeting and hopefully 2022 will see us all back and hearing the buzz of the exhibit hall in San Diego.

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