Project Description

OECD 490: Mouse Lymphoma Assay (MLA)


The mouse lymphoma assay is one of the oldest genotoxicity studies still in regular use, and is frequently utilised in most genotoxicity testing regulatory frameworks.  Able to detect point mutations, clastogens, and in some cases aneugens, the mouse lymphoma assay is typically preferred by regulators to the HPRT (the alternative mammalian gene mutation assay) because of the broader spectrum of genotoxic effects it can detect.

The mouse lymphoma assay was previously included in OECD guideline 476 for mammalian cell gene mutation, but was separated out into the new OECD 490 guideline in 2015.

Our study director has been working on mouse lymphoma assays for 14 years, so has plenty of experience with this study type.

Test systemsL5178Y TK+/--3.7.2C
OECD guideline490
Metabolic activationInduced rat liver S9
Tester varieties3 hr +/- S9, and extended exposure -S9
DuplicatesDuplicate cultures are used
Primary study directorKatie Clare
Typical test item requirements2-3g
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