GLP Ames 24-Well Agar Test Services


Using a microwell format, the GLP Ames test, specifically the Ames 24-well Agar test, provides predictivity of the OECD 471 Ames study in comparable conditions, using just 5% of the test item. It is also conducted in solid agar. This makes the 24-well version of the Ames test highly amenable to screening, with TA98 & TA100 providing coverage for most known mutagenic substances.

Two clear 24-well microtiter plates, one with a lid, used for Ames 24-well agar tests, showcasing the setup for mutagenicity screening

Advantages for Screening

– Agar based, TA98 & TA100 ± S9
– Results comparable to full plate format
– Requires 20 mg compound
– Quick, cost-effective, high-quality results

24-well Test strainsTA98, TA100
Metabolic activationTypically, induced rat liver S9, other sources
Replicates3 Wells per test concentration
Typical test item requirements20mg
Study Duration< 3 Weeks

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