Advanced Genotoxicity Testing Solutions

BlueScreen™ HC and GreenScreen® HC are high-throughput gene reporter assays, developed by Gentronix, which measure increased transcription of GADD45-alpha – a key event in the cellular response to genotoxic stress and damage.


BlueScreen™ HC utilises a luciferase reporter whilst GreenScreen® HC is based on GFP. The attractive signal-to-noise ratio from the luminescence reporter has made BlueScreen the go-to method. However, the reagent-free detection of GFP means GreenScreen can still be a useful alternative.

Both assays have the advantage of high sensitivity and high specificity compared with the in vitro regulatory battery assays, reducing the number of misleading positives early in compound development. The assays have been extensively validated across a wide range of applicability domains, demonstrating high utility and accuracy for the screening of genotoxic hazard.

Notice: Gentronix Limited wishes to make readers of its website aware of the following information:
The not-for-profit organization Clean Production Action ( based in the United States provides a hazard assessment and decision support method for the evaluation of chemicals (GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals). This method should not be confused with GreenScreen® HC from Gentronix, which is a human cell-based reporter assay for the determination of genotoxic hazards.
Both Gentronix and Clean Production Action acknowledge the use by the other of the GreenScreen trademark in their respective fields.

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