Full Plate Ames Testing

Gentronix offers a range of screening options to help our clients to assess the mutagenic potential of test substances in the Ames test.


Ames assays are bacterial reverse mutation assays that use a variety of Salmonella (or E. coli) strains to detect a range of point mutations and have high sensitivity when used in combination. The Ames test is the most established assay for detecting direct-acting mutagens and forms a key aspect of regulatory genotoxicity testing across industries. As such, an early stage prediction of Ames test outcome is a key step in assessing the toxicological hazard of test substances during development. Gentronix offers a range of service options to meet your project requirements.

OECD 471 Ames Test StrainsTA98, TA100, TA1535, TA1537, TA102, TA97, TA97a, uvrA/pKM101, WP2 pKM101, WP2 uvrA
Metabolic activationTypically induced rat liver S9, though other
sources are available
Test FormatPlate incorporation, pre-incubation
Typical test item requirements350mg
Formulation AnalysisAvailable upon request

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