Ames II & MPF Test Services for Mutagenicity Testing


Our Ames test services include bacterial reverse mutation assays performed as fluctuation tests in a reduced liquid microplate format and exploiting a colorimetric read-out. Ames MPF and Ames II produce data with strong concordance to the classical Ames test but require considerably lower test item amounts. This makes them ideally suited to high-throughput screening projects.

Close-up image of microtiter plates with a gradient of purple hues, used for Ames MPF genotoxicity testing, highlighting the precision of the assay.

Advantages for Screening

Quick, cost-effective, high-quality results.
– Ames MPF:
• same strains as OECD 471
– Ames II:
TA98 & TAmix covers G-C & A-T mutations
– Low compound requirement
– High-throughput capacity

Ames MPF - Test strainsTA98, TA100, TA1535, TA1537
Ames II – Test StrainsTA98, TAmix
Metabolic activationTypically, induced rat liver S9, other sources available
Study Duration< 3 Weeks

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