OECD 432 GLP Phototoxicity Testing


Gentronix offers the in vitro 3T3 netural red uptake (NRU) phototoxicity test, to enable the assessment of test substance phototoxicity to human skin under OECD 432. Certain chemicals only develop cytotoxic properties following activation by exposure to light. The 3T3 NRU phototoxicity assay provides a quick and high-throughput assessment of cytotoxicity induced only after test substance exposure to UV light, with comparison to non-light exposed conditions.

The OECD 432 phototoxicity assay is currently undergoing GLP validation at our laboratory and will be available in both GLP and non-GLP formats.

Biochemical assay plate filled with samples for the 3T3 neutral red uptake phototoxicity test under OECD 432 guidelines
OECD guidelineOECD 432
What is being assessedPhotoactivation of chemical cytotoxicity
Why is this importantChemical exposure to humans and the environment inevitably leads to the subsequent exposure to UV, especially for substance with topical exposure. Determining whether a chemical is photoactivated or not, is a key phase in understanding risk assessment and management.
Test SystemBalb/c 3T3 mouse fibroblast
Test Item Requirements 200 mg

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