OECD 431: In Vitro Skin Corrosion using Reconstructed Human Epidermis (RhE)



Testing for skin corrosivity is an important part of safety profiling to avoid serious harm to chemical users or consumers. The in vitro OECD 431 skin corrosion test in reconstructed human epidermis can form part of an animal free approach to hazard identification for safety purposes and meeting classification and labelling requirements. This can be part of a top-down or bottom-up approach in conjunction with skin irritation tests.

Skin corrosion testing has been validated and laboratory proficiency under OECD 431 established at Gentronix, with services available in both GLP and non-GLP formats.

OECD guidelineOECD 431
What is being assessedTest substance induced corrosion and severe damage to skin
Why is this importantIdentification of substances with skin corrosion potential is an important aspect of chemical risk assessment and hazard classification
Test SystemMatTek EpiDerm™ reconstituted human epidermis
Cytotoxicity measured using MTT
Test Item Requirements5 g / 5 ml
Preliminary TestingAssessment for MTT reducers; Test Chemical Interference; Mesh Reactivity

Skin corrosion OECD 431 Proficiency Summary

Test Chemicalin vivo classification (OECD 404)*Physical StateOECD 431 Expected Results*Gentronix Classification Correct?
Bromoacetic acidCategory 1AOrganic acidCategory 1A
Boron trifluoride dihydrateCategory 1AInorganic acidCategory 1A
PhenolCategory 1APhenolCategory 1A
Dichloroacetyl chlorideCategory 1AElectrophileCategory 1A
Glyoxylic acid monohydrateCategory 1B and 1COrganic acidCategory 1B and 1C
Lactic acidCategory 1B and 1COrganic acidCategory 1B and 1C
Hydrochloric acid (14.4%)Category 1B and 1CInorganic acidCategory 1B and 1C
Phenethyl bromide None CorrosiveElectrophile None Corrosive
4-Amino1,2,4- triazole None CorrosiveOrganic base None Corrosive
4-(methylthio)- benzaldehyde None CorrosiveElectrophile None Corrosive
Lauric acid None CorrosiveOrganic acid None Corrosive
*reported from OECD guideline 431

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