Project Description

Microflow (Flow MNT)


Flow MNT – Conducted on a miniaturised format and using flow cytometry to score both micronuclei and cytotoxicity, the flow micronucleus assay provides a rapid prediction of the in vitro micronucleus test. The miniaturised format enables the study to be performed using far less test item than an OECD 487 study, and results in more responsive delivery timelines.

Advantages for Screening

– High throughput
– Clastogenic & Aneugenic detection
– Quick, cost effective, high quality results

Test Cell LineTK6
Metabolic activationTypically, induced rat liver S9, other sources
3 hours (+S9) and 24 hours (-S9)
Short +S9
Long –S9
2 arm study
Typical test item requirements20 mg (ICH S2(R1)) - 50 mg (OECD 487)
Study Duration< 3 Weeks
EndpointMicronucleus Formation / Chromosomal Damage

Predictive Toxicology, Expertly Delivered