MultiFlow – Using multiple biomarkers within a single flow cytometry-based experiment, the MultiFlow® assay can be used to distinguish between clastogenic and aneugenic modes of action, and also identify potentially misleading positives that might be secondary to cytotoxicity. This assay has considerable utility as a follow-up to positive in vitro results, or as a primary screening tool; requiring low amounts of compound to generate fast predictions of mechanism and mode of action.

gamma H2aX antibody

Advantages for Screening

– High throughput
– Low compound mode of action prediction
– Enables screening for aneugens, clastogens and non-genotoxic substance

Test Cell LineTK6
Study DesignTypically, induced rat liver S9, other sources available.
Sampling at 4hr & 24hr time points
Biomarkers: p53, H2AX, H3, Polyploidy
Typical test item requirements<20 mg
Study Duration< 3 Weeks
EndpointMultiple biomarkers predict genotoxicity

Predictive Toxicology, Expertly Delivered