At Gentronix we perform research on behalf of our clients to establish whether chemicals are likely to be safe to humans, animals, and the environment. Whether that chemical is a new potential medicine, industrial chemical or a crop protection product, it is important to know that it is safe to those that will be exposed to it.

In our areas of speciality, genetic and skin/ocular toxicity, there are numerous predictive in vitro models that can be used to assess the safety of chemicals and we will always strive to implement and improve these types of models and avoid the use of animals where possible. However, there are situations when testing in an animal is the only solution to a complex issue and to satisfy regulatory testing requirements.

In these circumstances, Gentronix oversees genetic toxicology testing in rodents that takes place at accredited, state of the art, dedicated animal facilities. Studies are designed with the 3R’s principles (reduction, refinement and replacement) at the forefront and are conducted by highly skilled scientists who are committed to the welfare of the animals in their care. All animal studies undergo ethical review, are conducted in accordance with the relevant legislation and follow established guidelines to ensure robust study designs and meaningful data.

Predictive Toxicology, Expertly Delivered