Gentronix offers a wide range of predictive genotoxicity assays designed and developed to enable rapid, accurate and low compound screening within your R&D programme.


Using our knowledge, background and expertise in screening, we have established a comprehensive portfolio of services for the identification of genotoxic hazard. Our BlueScreen™ HC assay provides a low compound requiring, high-throughput and highly accurate prediction of in vivo genotoxic potential. Our Ames and in vitro micronucleus screening options provide you with an efficient and effective prediction of the regulatory test guideline outcome, with our experts guiding you to select the most appropriate assay types and combination. In addition, we offer a range of screens that enable genotoxic hazard to be contextualised, enabling mode of action opposite potential mutagens, clastogens and aneugens to be quickly and accurately determined. We look forward to supporting your next screening project.

Predictive Toxicology, Expertly Delivered