Gentronix is proud to sponsor the annual Industrial Genotoxicity Group (IGG) meeting this week in Manchester.  It is Gentronix’s 20th birthday this summer, and sponsoring IGG in the city in which Gentronix was born seemed a fitting way to give something back to the science community that has helped us become the specialist CRO we are today.

As well as sponsoring the meeting, Gentronix’s Lead Toxicologist Paul Rawlinson will be presenting the work we have being doing in collaboration with Lhasa on lowest effective doses in the Ames test.  We looked at LEDs for over a thousand substances in the Vitic database to determine trends in LEDs, so that we can understand the context of Ames test results on food contact material migrations. This is one example where Gentronix collaborating with other experts and interested parties, is enabling us to advance the science that matters to our customers and within their industries.

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