Our in vitro skin sensitisation services focus on safety assessments of our client’s materials against the adverse outcome pathway for the human skin sensitisation response. Using minimal test item, our team of experts is experienced in testing both discreet substances and product formulations in GLP sensitisation studies; facilitating the generation of this important data for use in dermal skin sensitisation risk assessments.

As skin sensitisation testing is an important aspect of the toxicology risk assessment for chemicals, especially those in the personal care and cosmetics industries, working with a CRO experienced in delivering such services and with capabilities to address all main events in the AOP makes navigating this step straightforward.

At Gentronix, we have established proficiency against the OECD guidelines for the DPRA, KeratinoSens™ and h-CLAT in vitro tests. These endpoints enable our clients to assess their chemicals for the key toxicology events of haptentation, keratinocyte and dendritic cell activation, which are all involved in humans developing a sensitised allergic response following chemical exposure.

Within our GLP facilities at Alderley Park, our team of sensitisation experts work with clients to conduct these studies, navigate challenges regarding the formulation of test items, solubilisation, and compatibility with the test system, to deliver the best study package for assessment of human skin sensitisation potential.