Project Description

OECD 471: Ames Test


The Ames test, a bacterial reverse mutation assay, is the most commonly requested genotoxicity study in regulatory testing frameworks and has been in use for decades.  The test investigates the ability of test substances to cause specific mutations in Salmonella or E. coli strains that allow them to then grow on selective agar plates.  Used to detect DNA reactive mutagens, which have the potential to be highly potent in vivo, Ames positive results are taken very seriously when assessing safety.

Gentronix have conducted these studies to GLP since 2014, and our senior study director has been working on Ames tests for over 40 years, meaning we have exceptional experience in this area.

Tester strainsTA98, TA100, TA1535, TA1537, TA102, TA97, TA97a, uvrA/pKM101, WP2 pKM101, WP2 uvrA
OECD guideline471
Metabolic activationTypically induced rat liver S9, though other sources can also be used
Tester varietiesPlate incorporation, pre-incubation
ReplicatesThree plates per test item concentration
Primary study directorChristine Mee
Typical test item requirements1.5g
Formulation AnalysisAvailable, where required
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