As part of the continuing growth and expansion of services at Gentronix, we are pleased to announce the establishment and certified laboratory proficiency for the OECD 439 Reconstructed Human Epidermis Skin Irritation Test.

 This additional skin toxicology service extends the support we can provide to our clients, complementing our existing skin sensitisation services by facilitating the additional assessment of a chemical’s ability to induce skin irritation effects.

Using the EpiDerm™ 3D reconstituted skin model, we have now completed the proficiency testing as detailed in the OECD 439, with 100% concordance achieved. This validation and proficiency establishment exercise has also been certified by the tissue manufacturers.

Our Skin irritation Study Director has a wealth of experience in irritation and corrosivity testing, gained through positions with contract research organisations working in the household product, cosmetics, agrichemical and flavours & fragrances testing space. Use of this assay, in combination with our skin sensitisation assays, enables investigation into potential skin irritation effects as well as the cross-over potential of such substances to also act as skin sensitisation agents.

Work is currently underway to complete the proficiency exercise of the OECD 431 skin corrosion test, and this will shortly complete our regulatory skin toxicology testing offering, further enhancing the support Gentronix can provide to our clients.

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